Carefully Crafted Wills Help Eliminate Disputes

A will is the foundation of every comprehensive estate plan. While there are standard components to every will, yours should reflect your life — your loved ones and your wishes for distributing your assets upon your death. A will, when coupled with clear powers of attorney documents for health care and financial matters, makes your wishes clear. A well-written will should eliminate arguments among family members regarding the distribution of assets or end-of-life health care or financial decisions.

Whether you have extensive assets or a modest estate, a will is a complex document. It is important to enlist the services of experienced estate planning attorneys who understand the components of an effective will. At Dubin & Balistreri, Ltd., we help clients in Greater Milwaukee and neighboring communities create clear, comprehensive wills.

We also help individuals who need to review an existing will. Divorce, remarriage and other life changes make it a good idea to review your estate planning documents regularly to ensure they still achieve your wishes.

What Happens If You Die Without Will?

When you die without a will, it is known as dying intestate. Under Wisconsin intestate succession laws, assets that were owned solely by the decedent are transferred to the spouse unless there are surviving children from a previous relationship. In that instance, the current spouse and the children divide any assets that were not jointly owned by the decedent and his or her spouse.

Dying intestate increases the likelihood of disputes, which can deplete an estate's assets before they are transferred to loved ones. If you make effective use of trusts and other estate planning tools, a significant amount of assets do not have to pass through probate. It is important to have your wishes clearly stated, and a carefully worded will is a big step in that direction.

Personal Attention And Peace Of Mind

Few tasks are as personal as developing an estate plan. We will take the time to understand your situation fully and talk through options and objectives. Your solution begins with a free 20-minute consultation. Call 414-219-0921 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer.