Protecting Your Parental Rights And Interests

In a divorce, matters involving the custody and support of children are often the most discussed and most contentious. These questions can cause great stress and anxiety for parents who are seeking to determine where their parental responsibilities lie. At Dubin & Balistreri, Ltd., we take great care to provide experienced, compassionate counsel to parents throughout the divorce process.

For over 50 years, we have helped clients in Milwaukee and across Wisconsin with custody and support matters. From issues surrounding legal and physical custody to creating a suitable visitation schedule to devising an equitable support system, we strive to provide level-headed, realistic guidance.

Helping You Create Flexible Custody Arrangements

We believe that parenting plans should reflect parental needs while considering the best interests of the child. Today, many parents have busy work schedules and other significant time commitments.

We work with clients to create smart, flexible custody and visitation arrangements that work for the parents involved and, more importantly, place the child in a beneficial position. We work to determine legal custody over the decision-making process and who will have physical custody of the child.

Determining Child Support

Generally, child support depends on the placement schedule as well as parental income. While many think this is a straightforward determination, the assistance of an attorney can be beneficial to help determine optimal support amounts. We'll also work to modify any support agreements when necessary.

Contact Experienced Custody And Child Support Lawyers

To schedule a consultation with our staff and discuss child custody and support or visitation rights in greater detail, contact us or call our Milwaukee, Wisconsin, office at 414-219-0921.