Assertive Representation In Milwaukee Will Disputes

A caregiver agreement is advisable to protect anyone drafting a last will and testament for estate planning purposes.

In the absence of such an agreement, however, a will contest can erupt — making its way to a courtroom, dividing once-loving family members and proving expensive for all in time, energy, emotions and money.

Have you been thrust into a dispute over the validity or meaning of a will in Wisconsin? Our experienced Milwaukee probate and administration attorneys can help. We are the law firm of Dubin & Balistreri, Ltd. — experienced estate planning lawyers who help you plan for your future.

Founding members and partners Carl L. Dubin and Peter S. Balistreri have provided skilled, dedicated representation for a diverse clientele in Milwaukee County for more than 50 years. These accomplished legal professionals are as effective in the courtroom, advocating for your goals, as they are with documentation of estate planning instruments that can ensure a family's financial security.

Dubin & Balistreri, Ltd., Will Contest Lawyers Protect Your Rights

Do you suspect that undue influence, incompetency or a mysterious last-minute change to a will is the reason that your rights as a beneficiary have been overlooked?

Was your access to inherited assets or property limited or eliminated as a result?

Regardless of how you came to be connected to a will contest — whether you brought the legal action or are responding to it — there is no substitute for having skilled, experienced probate representation by your side. Act now to protect your rights by contacting Dubin & Balistreri, Ltd., to arrange your free 20-minute initial consultation, and discuss your objectives in detail and in confidence.

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If the cost of the representation you need is an issue, you should know that our law firm charges a competitive hourly rate for our services — significantly lower than some of the larger firms in the area — while offering efficient, personalized, quality legal services.